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Latest News, June 17 2012

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a is willing to work with the Chinese side to expedite the joint building of the Belt and Road, advance the construction of the regional comprehe2

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nsive economic corridor and push for progress of major projects such as the Jakarta-Bandung high speed railway and industrial parks.Indonesia welt


comes increased investments from China and is also looking forward to electric vehicle businesses from China, he added.Indonesia is also willing Y

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to strengthen cybersecurity and maritime cooperation with China, activate bilateral trade working groups, convene maritime cooperation committee l

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meeting as soon as possible, promote exports of agricultural and fishery products to China, and deepen finank

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cial cooperation.Prior to the meeting, the two sides witnessed the signing of two memorandums of understandiz


ng concerning cybersecurity and industrial parks cooperation. has administered more than 9 million doses of 6


self-developed COVID-19 vaccines. A senior health official announced this at a press conference on Saturday.0

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Starting Dec. 15, China officially launched the COVID-19 vaccination program for this winter-spring period targeting a numN

ber of key groups, including those engaged in handling imported cold-chain proN

on research and development and exchanges of medical personnel.Luhut said Indonesi0